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Thank you for joining the OBIO® Job Board and Talent Network!

OBIO®’s Job Board and Talent Network is the go-to resource for talent seeking work in the health science industry. By joining the OBIO® Job Board and Talent Network, candidates can showcase their skills, knowledge and experience, as well as make their profiles visible to health science employers via their e-profile. They also have access to the H2BB™ training program which provides expert instructor-led sessions in all areas of health science and prepares them for their new roles in the health science industry.

Whether this is your first job or your first job in the health science industry, OBIO’s H2BB™ program will provide you with tools, techniques and best practices to help you maximize your opportunity in your new role.

Please take a few minutes to tell us about what you are looking for in your next role. Health science employers will have the opportunity to view your profile and connect with you for their hiring needs. OBIO® will also use this information to connect you to relevant opportunities in the health science industry through our network, events and professional development workshops.

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