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16 Bit is a Toronto-based company founded by two radiology physicians with backgrounds in computer science and engineering. With a unique combination of medical and technical expertise, 16 Bit focuses on solving the most impactful clinical problems facing medicine today.
20/20 OptimEyes Technologies is a biotechnology spin-out company from McMaster University located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We are developing a transformative drug delivery platform for ocular diseases normally controlled by eye drops. Using a patent technology formulation, initially targeted for dry eye disease, we are able to change the dosing paradigm from twice daily to once or twice weekly. This will revolutionize treatment for patients, improving their comfort, compliance and clinical outcomes.
A.I. VALI uses proprietary Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) techniques to analyze the data collected from medical images, such as endoscopy video images and tissue biopsies.
Able Innovations is developing advanced medical devices to tackle the pressing problem of patient transfer in healthcare.
AceAge is a healthcare technology company, creating intuitive products to ease the aging process and improve health outcomes.
Acorn is a Toronto-based healthcare technology company focused on giving everyone access to the future of cell-based medicine with the world’s first non-invasive, follicle-based cell collection and cryopreservation service.
Adapsyn applies proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence to genomic and metabolomic data from microbes to find novel small molecules for applications in biotechnology and medicine.
ACD/Labs develops and commercialzes informatics solutions for chemical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical R&D.
Artificial Intelligence Imaging Intelligence (AiimSense Inc.) is a medical technology startup company that develops point of care brain imaging devices for early diagnosis of stroke.
AIMA Laboratories Inc. is a Canadian, pre-clinical FemTech Biotechnology company co-founded by two scientists who have dedicated their professional lives to researching reproductive endocrinology and infertility. Our goal is to develop new products to fill current gaps in women’s health.
Allarta Life Science is a pre-clinical life science company developing proprietary cell encapsulation technology to enable global, cell-based cures for chronic endocrine disorders such as Diabetes, Hemophilia and Lysosomal Storage Disorders.
Alpha is a diverse healthcare services company. We improve the craft of health care by continuously discovering better ways to serve those who deliver it. Whether it is our laboratory and diagnostic services, electronic medical record solutions, innovative superbug research or our relentless focus on service, we will do whatever it takes to help our clients deliver better patient care. Together, we are advancing health care for all.