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Signal Processing and Biomedical Engineer



Mississauga, ON, Canada
Posted on Thursday, February 29, 2024
About Us

At Myant, we are creating the world’s first expressive and continuous digital presence platform, enabled by integrating technology directly into clothing and augmented by other devices, wearables, and IOT. We see the evolution of society where every member gets to participate from anywhere and anytime through a whole-body experience, mostly in a passive or ambient manner to foster ubiquitous accessibility. Humans have a fundamental desire and need to be connected to our environment, family, community, and technology. This level of connection will create a paradigm shift in the way we deal with each other, especially from afar, allowing for more meaningful relationships, and more in-depth representation of ourselves.

The need for this type of connection is not new. There are many companies working on ways to connect humans in singularity with technology, however most of these technologies are based on devices that are often used in episodical ways hence, leading to poor adoption or reliability. In general, innovation and technology have delivered significant benefits for many members of society. However, there are those who are left behind, namely the very young, the marginalized, the old and the sick. The challenge of inclusion for those left behind requires us to move beyond device focused strategies, towards an interface that we use naturally, every day. We believe that textile is that primary interface, used in clothing, coverings, carpeting and more, we wear and are surrounded by textiles universally, always.
Such an interface could fuse data with other devices that we use periodically and data with other IoTs in the environment. People could then leverage their physical presence over their digital presence to communicate and share personal wellbeing. This could unlock healthcare that is proactive and preventative, social connectedness that is more profound, enable care distribution models to be seamless and on demand, better fitness insights, safer working environments and more.

The vision for SKIIN -our first consumer-facing brand- is to enhance human ability through connected clothing and textiles. Skiin is in beta-phase market launch and has been recently granted Health Canada medical device license and submitted to FDA for regulatory approval in the US market. The sensors and actuators embedded within our apparel create your Digital Identity, which will be consumed by those who matter to you - your family members, physicians, trainers, other IoT devices - without you consciously having to think about it. The line between the digital and physical world is becoming increasingly blurry and we believe textile is the next medium to bridge that gap.
We are a multi-disciplinary technology team solving big challenges at the intersection of electronics, deep tech., software, design, advanced manufacturing, and data science.

What we offer at Myant:
  • Employee stock options
  • Paid Sick Days and Floating Days
  • Group Health Insurance Plan
  • RRSP matching Plan
  • Corporate Events
  • Exposure working in one of the most innovative and forward-thinking tech companies.

Myant is a diversified, equal opportunity employer. People with a disability or a special accommodation request may send an email to

The Role:

We are seeking an experienced project manager to support the translation of technologies to products for human and veterinary health. The candidate will work alongside the research and development team to coordinate and organize projects.

  • Own the end to end project management process in project initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and control, and closing
  • Hold parties accountable to meet deadlines and achieve milestones
  • Perform regular follow ups and if necessary run meetings with developers to ensure projects stay on track and document meeting minutes
  • Develop project budgets inclusive of human, material and capital resources
  • Organize and run meetings to ensure projects stay on track and document meeting minutes
  • Manage risk registers for projects, and highlight mitigation strategies
  • Compile and assist in the completion of project documents required for the necessary certifications for our products
  • Participate in developing project management frameworks best practices that can be applied to all projects within the company
  • Minimum bachelor’s degree in engineering, sciences or business with a few years of industrial experience, or MSc degree with background in biology, biomedical and wearable fields
  • 5+ years of previous experience with managing projects in the biomedical sciences field and familiarity with project management tools.
  • PMP designation is desirable
  • High motivation at work and excellent communication and team work skills.
  • Familiarity with medical device standards and health regulations preferred
  • Experience with the necessary steps for the translation of technology to products
  • Understanding of the product development life-cycle, TRL and MRL
  • Previous success with managing engineering projects, deadlines, and budgeting
  • Documentation, writing, organizational, and leadership skills