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Vena Medical
Vena Medical


Kitchener, ON, Canada


1 - 10 employees

founded in


Vena Medical has created the Vena Microcatheter in order to provide physicians with a view inside blood vessels. This microcatheter uses bleeding edge fiberoptics and a saline flush in order to give physicians a point of view of their tools. We're even working on a second generation that uses infrared light to eliminate the saline flush. This will greatly improve vascular navigation during minimally invasive procedures. This tool would replace traditional catheters and would provide a first-person navigational perspective for physicians, allowing them to inspect their work once they're done. This new perspective would make procedures faster by eliminating the iterative nature of navigation and safer by reducing guidewire induced punctures of arteries and veins. The harmless visible light would reduce the quantity of fluoroscopy and iodine required for these procedures. Patients, physicians and nurses would all be subjected to less radiation while simultaneously increasing the size of the candidate pool for these interventional procedures.

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